Review: Les Trois Mousquetaires Pale Ale Américane (Ale Ambrée)

Review:  Les Trois Mousquetaires Pale Ale Américane (Ale Ambrée) by Cody La Bière
This one has been in the beer hoard fridge for a while, Pale Ale Américaine by Les Trois Mousqutaires. I love the beer by Les Trois Mousquetaires, so I'm giddy to try something different by them! The Pale Ale Américaine, as you can likely tell, is an American Pale Ale (Amber Ale), so it's going to be a hoppy yet caramelly beer. According to the label, it uses 100% Quebec Malts, pale, pilsner, munic and Caramel 60 malts, Centennial and Cascade hops, has 5% ABV, 32 IBU and comes in 375ml bottle, which is a bit more than the standard Canadian beer bottle (why cant more breweries do that?!)

Appearance: The Pale Ale Américane pours a honey/caramel orange-brown, hazy, decent amount of carbonation, decent lacing of yellow-beige head that doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Aroma: Caramel malts are first and foremost - sweet sweet caramel. A decent floral hoppiness coming from the Centennial and Cascade hops - yum galore! Minimal bitterness, a bit of lemon.

Taste: Caramel maltiness makes the first appearance in the beer, standard in an amber ale, but not so much in an American Pale Ale, not as hoppy bitterness as I expected, but more of a floral Pale Ale, bit of a lemon citrusness, the hops make a floral and alfalfa-like appearance but I was hoping for a more bitter pale. The label says to expect a grapefruit flavour, but I just don't notice it. Floral hop bitterness for aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: For the most part, the better part of the aroma and flavour happens to be the caramel malts more than anything, more of an Amber Ale than a Pale Ale, but the floral Cascade/Centennial hops do make an appearance. This was bottled in June 2012, so it was probably past its best before date, but that said - it doesn't taste expired by any sense, the hops are there, and I can taste the hops in the aftertaste. A decent amber ale with a hint of hops to it, but for Pale Ale, I want more bitterness. The label on the back of the beer gives lots of information on the beer itself, that it has been aged for 12 months, what temperature to serve it at, what glassware to use (oops!) and all other sort of goodies. Best enjoyed while curled up while watching Community.

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