Review: Russell Luck of the Irish Red Ale

Review: Russell Luck of the Irish Red Ale by Cody La Bière
St Patrick's Day is only 3 days away, so why not keep it up with the trend of St Patty's themed beer?! Tonight's review is Russell Brewing's Luck of the Irish Red Ale, which is part of Russell's Limited Edition brewmasters series, I couldn't find much info out about the beer so doesn't look like many have drank this yet!

Appearance: Luck of the Irish pours a caramel brown with a cherry red hue, a very thin line of beige head.

Aroma: A malty sweet caramel, similar to most red ales, gives off a St Patty's theme to it, slightly roasty.

Taste: Sweet caramel maltiness, reminiscent to most red ales I've had out there, sweet, not overpowering to the palate, but quite a bit like a Rickard's Red sort of Red Ale, so it's certainly a St Patrick's Day lets-go-to-the-pub-and-have-beers! sort of beer, but not so much a sit down and try to decipher everything in the beer. A bit of a bitterness of the roasted barley.

Overall Thoughts: It has your standard red ale flavour to it. While I enjoy the caramel sweetness and malt forward beer, I generally want more flavour all over, more hops, more caramel (I guess I just prefer over-the-topness :P). For St Patrick's Day, this will hit the mark as it's a decent red ale, certainly better than Rickard's Red is now days - but it's just not a style I crave anymore.

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