Review: Hoyne Down Easy Pale Ale

Review: Hoyne Down Easy Pale Ale by Cody La Bière
When hoarding beers, it's tough to keep up when you get new beers added to the collecition on a regular basis, so sometimes you just have to drink it! Tonight's is Down Easy Pale Ale by Hoyne Brewing out of Victoria, BC.

Appearance: Pours a caramel amber ale, hazy, off-white head, quickly diminishes completely

Aroma: A lightly floral hopped pale ale, caramel, smidge of lemon and citrus, decent malt impresion here. Overall, a pretty decent B or B+ Pale Ale.

Taste: Coming off of two pale ale camps, the Prairie pale ale and the (almost India) Pale Ale differ completely, this one tastes like a mixture of the two, quite light on the palate, but stronger than a standard prairie pale ale and nowhere bitter as an (almost India) Pale Ale that we see far too common in this day and age. First there's the caramel malt, it leaves a bit of scumminess on the tongue for aftertaste, secondly the barley - very decent barley! And lastly, the hops - not as hoppy as the arome would have led me to believe, it's a slight floral bitterness, but lacking quite a bit.

Overall Thoughts: I was expecting a bitter hoppy pale ale, with great citrus goodness and makes your tongue numb, but this is a good amber pale, reminds me of an amber ale more than anything. Caramel maltiness clings to the roof of my mouth, and even with it not being where I'd hope it to be, I'm enjoying this after a long work day. Cheers!

5.2% ABV

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