Cranky Thursday Links - March 13, 2013

Get back to the country, back in the barn again by Cody La Bière
Well, time again for the Cranky Friday Thursday links!

If you are a Manitoban beer geek, check out Prairie Beer Nerds out, Manitoba's newest beer geek group! They're on Facebook (Link), Twitter (Link) and even.. Google+ (Link)

The price of growlers going up 30% in price in BC, which is entirely horse piss on the part of the BC Liquor Distribution agency, instead of promoting local brewery, they're taxing them further. (Link)

My review of the week, Dead Frog's Fearless IPA (Link)

A lot of beer geeks are fellow Redditors, so check out /r/beerporn for people bragging about their beer hoards, as well as /r/beercanada!

Want to try Fort Garry's Portage and Main IPA? Check out Manitoba Liquormarts' availability page to see if it's available near you. (Link)

Mike over at Mikes Craft Beer recently blogged about his visit to Mission Springs Brewery out of Mission, BC (Link)

Apparently Labatt's is now doing a hop-themed line of Alexander Keith's beers to attempt to try woo over beer geeks, but as expected - the Keith's Hop Series turns out to be horse piss. (Link)

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