Review: Dead Frog Fearless India Pale Ale

Review: Dead Frog Fearless India Pale Ale by Cody La Bière
British Columbians love their India Pale Ales, but why would anyone blame them? They live in the heart of hop country, when life gives you hops, you turn it into IPA! Tonight's review is of Dead Frog's Fearless India Pale Ale, which is an IPA which tells you to grab the shark by the fins and live life. The label reminds me of a Jones' Soda label, so I wish a brewery would do a Jones' Soda kind of label, where every beer has a different photo on it.. if only.. huh? A few friends were telling me that I'm a lucky SOB for getting ahold of a bottle of Fearless IPA, so I guess I should be lucky!

Appearance: It foamed up as I opened this up, damn it, but thankfully it was minimal. Beer pours a copper-caramel haziness with a decent amount sediment dancing around in the glass. Head is a creamy beige taht just won't let go of the side of the glass.

Aroma: A standard West Coast IPA aroma - very hoppy bitterness with a floral alfalfa aroma backing it. Smells a bit like pine and tea, I don't know why tea, but my senses could be playing with me as my roomie was just telling me how much he wanted Twisted Tea malt beverage.

Taste: A bitter IPA, pine and a bit of alfalfa hay in there. Toasted grains, a bit of a tinny taste and it leaves a bitter taste to the palate, so overall it's good! Smoother than some IPAs out there considering how much of a bitter IPA this is.

Overall Thoughts: Piney, hoppy, floral IPA, so I am lucky I did get to try it because apparently it may not be made ever again! Reminiscent to some DIPAs I've had, or standard West Coast IPAs that are heavy on the hops first and foremost. On the side of the bottle there's a "You have earned the coveted Shark Bait Badge" as an obvious parody of earning an untappd beer badge. Live life, drink bitter IPAs and cheers to all things yummy! This beer is 6.5% ABV , uses 2 row, biscuit, cara 30 and Special B malted barley, Cascade, Columbus, Galaxy and Zythos hops and 77 IBUs.

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