Review: Moon Under Water Tranquility IPA

Review: Moon Under Water Tranquility IPA by Cody La Bière
On a day like tonight, after a long 8+ hour work shift, and a vigourous exercise following that, a calming beer and listening to Jim Bryson's Fall off the Dock help make my evening a calming and relaxing one. Tonight's beer is by Victoria's Moon Under Water brewery, the beer - Tranquility IPA, a beer that just screams whispers calming and relaxing times, which is what I need right now, to wind down and get some rest.

Appearance: Pours a deep unfiltered orange-amber beer, it almost looks like it could be a saison instead of an India Pale Ale, but the label says it's an IPA so I'll take their word on it. Close to no head, but the head it does have is a thin layer of beiginess that diminishes even further into microscopic bubbles.

Aroma: For an IPA, especially an IPA coming out of the West Coast, this is incredibly tame.. with a lack of bitterness and floral alfalfa hops that I'm used to. The maltiness comes out on front on the nose this round, with a bit of lemon citrus backing it up as well, but still trying to look for the hops.. they are there but incredibly light.

Taste: Being exhausted and frankly, not wanting to review beers tonight, I'm wanting something to relax me, but nothing over the top. The bitterness of the hops make an appearance finally as I take a sip, the bitterness immediately hits the back of my tongue, and tickle a bit, it's a subtle pine flavour. The malty flavours I noticed in the aroma are still present, but the more I drink this, the more the bitterness of the hops are FINALLY coming out to play, where were they in the aroma? That said, I would've been fine with lighter hop notes and more maltiness to it.

Overall Thoughts: At 6.5% ABV and 60 IBU, it's around what you'd expect the standard Canadian IPA to be, lighter bitterness in aroma as it's more of a malty nose, but the hops come out a bit later in the flavour, giving off a bit of a pine bitterness, leaving an aftertaste behind for quite a while after the beer is done. Very solid IPA for a night like tonight where I just wanted to wind down more than anything.

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