Review: Black Wheat Tombstone Triple IPA

The other day I reviewed Brun Brown Ale by Brandon's Section 6 Brewery, making it possibly the world first beer review done for a Section 6 beer (aside from Untappd, of course). I felt like it was time for me to review something by Brandon's other brewery, Black Wheat Brewing so I decided to review their Tombstone Triple IPA. The staff over at Black Wheat were talking about this beer for several weeks now and Manitoba's not a big market for Triple IPAs so it's a rare occasion to see here. Tombstone pops out at a whammy 10% ABV, making it the strongest beer brewed in Western Manitoba so far. Canned on February 7th, making it only a few days old at the time of writing (compared to when this was actually posted online).

Appearance: Clearish with a honey-amber appearance to it. Thick amount of off-white head to start off with that diminishes a tad, leaving being a good amount of layered lacing on the glass, while the top of the beer itself has a bunch of random tiny bubbles here and there but not everywhere. No noticeable carbonation in the body.

Aroma: Certainly boozy! The aroma stings the nostrils a tad, as if I was checking out a Whisky or some other sort of spirit. Notes of honey, tropical fruit notes, a bit of candy-like notes in there (predominantly Rockets and Starburst), tad floral. 

Taste: The first time I took a sip of this, I could feel this beer tingle through my body immediately. It's quite sweet with a hefty caramel/honey-like sweetness to it, a bit of a candy 'faux fruit' sweetness like I got in the aroma and a syrupiness in the back of the tongue. It tingles the tongue, warms up the body and somehow gets sampled pretty quickly.

Overall Thoughts: Yeah, this is 10% ABV so a 355mL can makes sense. A nice beer to sample on a cold prairie evening. I might age a can or two to see how it ages down the road, whether or not it starts getting more of a murky beer or if it stays the same. 

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