Review: MTV Juicy Shore Hard Seltzer (Tropical Punch Vodka Soda)

Here's a quick review that I didn't expect to do: MTV Juicy Shore Hard Seltzer, a Tropical Punch Vodka Soda made by Steam Whistle Brewing. I drink coolers more than most men but when it comes to seltzers, I just want them to die in a fire already, just not a fan. Steam Whistle.. making a seltzer?! Especially an MTV/possibly Jersey Shore-esque themed one? That's something I really didn't expect from them of all breweries. I almost didn't pick this up but when I saw Steam Whistle listed on the product, I had to.

Anywho, I'll keep this short and quick. This seltzer/vodka soda pours clear and bright pink in person while in the photo it's a lot redder. A bit of carbonation. The aroma is definitely something that reminds me of childhood, it reminds me of all the watered down Koolaid and no-name Freshie my mom would always get for my sister and I as a kid. It's got a tropical punch aroma to it but incredibly watered down and then some. As for the taste, It's exactly what the aroma is - a watered down sugar water beverage that kids of my generation would drink gallons of over the summers instead of drinking actual water. It's got a bit of fizziness in the mouth, the taste of tonic water (or the taste of badly calibrated soda water at a fast food restaurant). You don't really notice the vodka but it could be quite a bit sweeter. 5% ABV

Definitely reminiscent of the unhealthy beverages of my generation. My mother who grew up on Freshie instead of Koolaid says of this beverage "Mmm, not bad!"

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Unknown said...

Any time an alcoholic bevvy sports the words "Jersey Shore", I know I'm not the target market...

That being said, it sounds exactly like the kind of "bad decision juice" that launches a thousand closing time brawls at the beer barn.