Review: Van Moll Triple Trouble Tripel

It's been almost a year since my biggest trip of my life - a beercation to Netherlands and Belgium, something I hope to do again in the next year or two but I don't know how I can afford it. A few months back I received a nice care package from a great buddy with a can of Van Moll Craft Beer's Triple Trouble Tripel and a Brouwerij 'T IJ glass, so it's about time I reviewed it!

One thing I like about the Van Moll labels is that they have a QR code to check out a curated Spotify playlist made just for this very beer. Here's the link to the Triple Trouble playlist. PS: If you're ever in Eindhoven, NL, a visit to Van Moll is a serious must - their beer selection is a bit overwhelming as they have specially curated beers not just from their brewery but also from breweries all over Europe and the world, also the staff were absolutely amazing - I was planning on sticking around for just a quick sample but I ended up there for most of the afternoon and again the evening, they kept recommending stuff that they just knew I'd love!

From the website: Old school Tripel meets Van Moll. The big brother of our unforgettable blonde, Toewijding, has Belgian yeast at its heart. But don’t be fooled, this is a real man of the world.  English and American hops add body and flavour while elderflower, orange peel and coriander add a cunning twist. Just the way we like it: unique, bold, balanced and a true cosmopolitan. No wonder he’s so popular. Enjoy! 8.5% ABV

Appearance: Blonde/yellow straw body with a light amount of cloudiness going on throughout the body. Mild amount of off-white head on top that diminishes pretty gradually to leave behind only pools of bubbles here and there (but not everywhere).

Aroma: Quite an aromatic with a floral hop presence to it, lemon, clove, hint of apple/pear, a hint of bubble gum, and a hint of spice. It's quite tame but very appealing and welcoming.

Taste: The spices you get in a classic Belgian Tripel are what I'm getting right from the beginning - it's tingling my tongue but also has a hint of a iron-like profile to it. There's notes of clove, a bit of lemon, a nuttiness from the malts used and a floral yet slightly bitterness from the hops. Slightly sweet and has a bit of a fruitiness to it. Dry for mouthfeel and a bit of a bitter hop and pear aftertaste at the end.

Overall Thoughts: One of my favourite brewery visits while in Europe and no surprise - spectacular beers! While I was at their taproom last year their staff were incredibly accommodating and kept recommending me stuff I'd like. I'll be back one day! Great Tripel!

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