Review: Torque Saison

The other day I posted on social media that I was craving a classic, old school, traditional Saison as the weather was starting to warm up (but has since stopped). I had a Winnipeg brewer tell me to try their Saison but unfortunately for me, the closest place to me that has it is a 200km drive away. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago: some of my fave peeps over at Torque Brewing released a Saison called, a collaboration with the movement. There's more information about the collab here, great story!

From the label: A light, flavourful Saison brewed with Grains of Paradise, African Queen hops from South Africa, and French Saison Yeast. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Campaign teaches the unemployed African youth (21+) brewing, licensing, starting their own beer brands and beer podcasting. "We relate beer brewing to the drawings that were left on the cave walls by the Khoisan. They drew pointings in caves to tell the story of how they lived. Beer is telling a story, the beer that we make now is not the beer that people will be making in 200 years. Our beers will be telling them our story" - Obakeng Malope, Brewer and Filmmaker

Appearance: Pours a light straw/yellow body with a moderate carbonation in the body and a head that has a moderate snow-white head on top of the beer, light amount of bubbles o the glass here and there.

Aroma: Fairly dry, fairly sweet, Belgian yeast, tad grainy. There's notes of honey, a bit of straw, a bit of a dryness and the aroma of a classic Belgian-style Saison. Quite crisp on the nose, slight acidic and hint of lemon. 

Taste: Dry for the mouthfeel, notes of honey, straw, a hint of bubble gum, grassy and floral hop presence, lemon, and a hint of pear at the end. Quite crisp, very smooth, light and moderately carbonated.

Overall Thoughts: Amazing project by Torque! I hope to see more breweries do projects like this in the future. Those who know me personally will know that developed mostly due to a large period of unemployment after graduating university. I was unable to find employment at the time so I started writing on a regular basis to keep my depression to a minimum, also so that it would give me goals and tasks to create each and every week, with me writing reviews and bad beer taste tests. Fast forward well over a decade later, I'm one of the few people still writing about beer on a regular basis!

As for the beer, I like it! I've bought it a few times since it's arrived at my local LC and will continue to do so as well, I need a solid Saison in my life. 

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