Review: Section 6 Brun Brown Ale

Not to brag - though I definitely will - I think this is the official first review of a beer by Brandon's Section 6 Brewing, aside from the usual Untappd checkins. 

I've been a regular at Section 6 since even before they open, it doesn't help that it's 3/4 of a block from where I live plus I've been waiting for this very brewery to open up for seven years now. Cheers to Ben, Sid, Kate & team! It's great to see Manitoba's second largest city having its second brewery.. and just to think that a year and a half ago that Brandon was the largest city in all of Canada without a brewery.. a shame!

Today's sampling is their Brun Brown Ale, which was canned just the day before I picked this up, making it super duper fresh.

From the website: Bonjour, chocolat! This brown ale starts with a roasted/toasted flavour and ends with a smooth chocolate finish. It goes dark but doesn’t feel heavy, so you can definitely get your sweet fix without feeling guilty! 5.0% ABV

Appearance: Pitch black with no noticeable carbonation in the body. The head is pretty good with a good 1.5 finger thickness of yellow-beige foam on top that gradually diminishes to have a light lacing on the glass and pockets of bubbles on top of the beer.

Aroma: Judging just by the aroma, this is something well needed on a cold bone-chilling prairie evening. There's notes of chocolate, a moderate amount of roasted presence to give it a mild coffee presence, light cream/milky presence, caramel, toasted nuts, and lastly a moderate hop presence that gives off a slight floral presence at the end. So far it reminds me of an English Dark Mild or almost a Porter/Stout but I know it will be not as heavy.

Taste: Roasted malt presence to give off a good presence of coffee and peat are the dominating flavours in this beer. There's a tad bit of caramel sweetness in it, an earthy hop profile to it, a slight nuttiness and a slight smokiness to it at the end. Fairly watery on palate and the aftertaste is a moderate roasted malt taste.

Overall Thoughts: I had a friend say that he wishes Section 6 had a stout but I'd say this is close enough to scratch the itch, but hey... they've also only been brewing for 2.5 months or so, they'll get there! Roasty, notes of chocolate, hint of smoke somewhere and toasted nuttiness. 

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Unknown said...

I think you've nailed it...this one sits right next door to Stout Country...and yet all the good stuff is there...the chocolate...the coffee notes. Had this on tap and sat there reviewing all the light and thin brown ales I've tasted in the last five years. Section 6 doesn't have to do a stout for now.