Review: Kilter Winnipeg Prairie Lager

Made from what's real. A classic lager brewed in Winnipeg, for Winnipeg. Proudly brewed with real ingredients from our own backyard on Treaty 1 territory. Local hops, barley, wheat and water. 4.5% ABV.

This is called the "official summer beer of Winnipeg" but it just arrived to Brandon this past week (mid January), the exact opposite of summer, though the temperatures lately have been very mild *knock on wood* 

This isn't Kilter's first time in the lager/pilsner game, they came out with Kilter Vintage Pilsner a couple years back which is the most un-pilsnery pilsner in the province I coined "Pilsner country" (different than Saskatchewan's Pil Country, they like one beer and that's it there).

Appearance:  Starts out with a clear, golden straw body initially, then it quickly gets a slight cloudiness to it, giving it more of a not as bright lemonade yellow appearance to it. Moderate amount of carbonation on the body, minor amount of snow white head on top.

Aroma: My very first impression was "not a bad lager" but then I gave it another sampling and I found it was more aggressive once the aroma whiffs out of the glass, it's got a heavy floral hop presence that gives off an alfalfa-like presence with a hint of dill and a slight sour sharpness at the end. Fairly bready, notes of wheat and a bit of a graininess to it.

Taste: This is sweeter than I was expecting, as it's got a bit of a sugariness to it. Lots of hop notes - floral, alfalfa, bit of pine, and the smell of clothes fresh from the dryer. Good deal of lemon, fairly grainy, but very sweet for a Prairie Lager.

Overall Thoughts: Another unique take by Kilter, I was expecting it to be lighter but it ended up being sweeter and much hoppier than I anticipated. If I had to choose this between their Vintage Pilsner and Winnipeg Prairie Lager? I think I'd choose Winnipeg but they do remind me of each other quite a bit. 

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