Review: Oriel Saison

Today's sampling is Saison by Oriel Beer out of Romania. I picked this beer up in Netherlands, making it one of the few Saisons I was able to find on my recentish trip to Europe. Found this over at Wijnhuis Eindhoven

From the label: Oriel Saison is our interpretation of a Belgian Saison. A historically top fermented beer brought into the attention of the public with a higher level of alcohol. 
Brewed with the finest ingredients and a special blend of yeasts, Oriel Saison is a sunny blond beer with a balmy aroma. A fresh bouquet and a lasting foamy top is followed by a savoury taste. 
Fruit compote, fields of grains and slight funkiness go around a heightened drive with malt sweetness, grass, fruitage, some spiciness, all ending in an alluring dryness. Enjoy it with or without the yeast as a thirst quencher or mature it in the bottle. Being an alive beer it will earn unique features in time. 6.9% ABV

Appearance: The beer starts out pouring pretty clear with a golden straw body but then the sediment comes out and gives it an opaque orange body to it, lots of snow white foam that gradually diminishes, leaving behind minimal lacing (surprisingly).

Aroma: Sweet-forward Saison with notes of honey, Belgian yeast, toast, a hint of nuttiness, bubble gum, pear and straw.

Taste: Dryish on the palate, the beer is decently sweet with a rich honey presence to it, surprisingly hoppy with a floral presence to it, decent amount of carbonation for the mouthfeel. There's a slight nuttiness to it, somewhat citrusy, doughy and slightly boozy at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad, tad boozier than your typical Saison, fairly sweet. Bottled on July 10, 2020.

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