Review: 2 Crows Vitis Lager w. Riesling Piquette

A beer from the archives - Vitis by 2 Crows Brewing out of Halifax, a lager with Riesling Piquette. Brewed at 4.6% ABV. Brewed with water, barley, wheat, Riesling pomace, hops and yeast.

Appearance: Clear and a golden straw body to it, faint-to-minimal carbonation in the body and a light amount of white head on top of the beer.

Aroma: Pretty much the piquette, it's got a tart white winey presence to it, but also a bit of a barnyard funk from the yeast. Fairly dry, slight sweet, slight grassiness to it, white wine.

Taste: Light tartness with a a tad bit of barnyard funk, bit of citrus, hint of white wine, hint of straw, lemon at the end. Nowhere near as a sour, funky as you would expect but pretty drinkable.

Overall Thoughts: White wine vibes with a bit of citrus, light carbonation for mouthfeel, not at all heavy for the gut which surprised me. Quite smooth, slight funk.

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