Review: Coronado Never Better Double India Pale Ale

Another day in isolation - another time for a review! Today's review is Never Better DIPA by Coronado, California based Coronado Brewing. Thanks to my buddy Eric, I juuuuust realized that the name of the brewery contains Corona in it.. how fitting for an isolation review?! I've only tried Coronado once (aside from a collab with Belching Beaver) and I believe I picked it up in the US. I saw this at the always great Quality Beer Store (still open and they deliver!)

Never Better is a Double India Pale Ale. From the label: "Stay Coastal. Brewed with a vibrant blend of Vic Secret, Mosaic and Citra, this Double IPA is bursting with hop flavours of tropical mango, passion fruit, and resinous pine. One sip and you'll go from good to Never Better." 8.1% ABV

Appearance: Hazy IPA with a dark orange body to it. The head starts off with a good amount of off-white head on it - decently frothy, foamy and diminishes fairly quickly, leaving behind just a light amount of lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: This is sweet, tropical and well worth the staycation.. er isolation I'm having right now. Notes of passion fruit, orange, bit of mango and lemon. The hop profile has a bit of a floral aroma to it, and all in all.. tropical.

Taste: It's quite yeasty and bready to the point that it fills your mouth with a yeasty bitterness but it's quite sweet and tropical - there's notes of mango, orange peel, lemon and passionfruit. There's a mild pine bitterness popping up in almost every sip, as well as a bit of a floral alfalfa-like presence as well. The aftertaste is a hint of pear, bread and bitter hops.

Overall Thoughts: This was canned in October but tastes absolutely fresh. With a name like Coronado, it's helping me warm up on this chilly day during a pretty bad pandemic. Tropical, floral, bitter, nice tropical IPA that I wish I bought more of.

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