Review: Amsterdam Boneshaker India Pale Ale

Amsterdam Brewing's Boneshaker IPA has been around for a very long time, it's a classic IPA that hasn't changed one bit since I first tried this beer back in 2014 - my memories of this beer is all about the hops.. the beer was bitter, piney, floral and over-the-top. It's about time I finally did a review of Boneshaker!

From the label: Brewed using copious amounts of hops, this unfiltered IPA is loaded with fresh grapefruit and pine aromas and over the top hop flavours that are balanced out by a solid malt backbone. A truly unique taste experience. 7.1% ABV/80 IBU

Appearance: Boneshaker is a bit darker than most IPAs I've had in a long time as it has an amber ale sort of appearance to it, a good amount of cloudiness so it's nowhere near as clear as most IPAs. The head is pretty frothy with a light beige hue to it and leaves behind a sprinkling of lacing on the glass as the beer goes down.

Aroma: Notes of caramel, lots of hops.. that's pretty much this beer. The beer is sweet but it's also very bitter with a lot of pine, grapefruit, some floral notes, hint of soap, slightly woodiness, and a light grassy aroma to it.

Taste: Pretty much what I just experienced from the aroma - it's a very bitter IPA with a lots of pine and grapefruit. It's somewhat floral, moderate caramel sweetness, and a bit of lemon. The mouthfeel is quite dry and has a bitterness to it. Aftertaste is a bit piney and tingles a bit.. but doesn't linger for too long.

Overall Thoughts: Still a classic after all these years. If you're someone who wants a real bitter IPA, this is always pretty easy to find in my neck of the wood. Bitter, piney, floral and a bit sweet.

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