Review: Belching Beaver Deftones Digital Bath India Pale Ale

Another beer I picked up at Quality Beer Store a while back - Belching Beaver's Deftones Digital Bath New England-style India Pale Ale. It's pretty obvious that the peeps over at Belching Beaver are pretty big fans of Deftones as I was looking for information about this beer and they have another Deftones themed beer called Phantom Bride IPA. Digital Bath is named after the band's song off their album White Pony in 2000.

The fans have spoken! You all wanted an encore of our famous New England-style Hazy IPA and we aim to please! Developed along side the Deftones, Digital Bath has intense tropical and citrus flavors with a soft finish. The band and the brewers agree - this is a special beer that deserves to be in your face. Hops: Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, Nelson, and Simcoe Cryo. 6.5% ABV, 30 IBU

Appearance: Pours a thick orange body that's reminiscent of orange juice. The head has a frothiness to it with a light beige colour to it. The head diminishes a tad and leaves behind a layered lacing on the glass. 

Aroma: Very fruit forward with a first impression of melon. I immediately start getting a full on tropical fruit juice medley in this beer - a lot of orange, mango and pineapple.. it's quite sweet! A tad grainy with a hint of breakfast cereal to it. It's a tad floral at the end, so far it smells like it's going to be a nice New England-style IPA.

Taste: Decently sweet and tropical with a hefty bready yeastiness to it. The tropical notes I get are of oranges, mango, lemon and a bit of pineapple. There's a bit of an oatiness popping out that I'm also getting for the aftertaste, while the mouthfeel is a bit acidic and tingles the mouth. 

Overall Thoughts: Decent NEIPA-style beer with a good deal of tropical presence to it. There's a hefty yeastiness that gives off a lot of a breadiness and a bit of a bitterness to it. Not overly juicy as many, but juicy enough to please most NEIPA fans.

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