Review: Beau's Organic Grapefruit Radler

Thanks Jennifer from over at Beau's All Natural Brewing for sending me this my way! This beer never made it to Manitoba last year so I didn't get to try it out then!

Today's review is Beau's Radler brewed with organic grapefruit. From the website: Beau’s Radler is a sessionably light cocktail of beer artfully blended with citrusy organic fruit juice. The refreshing taste of grapefruit is given softer inflections and lively effervescence when mixed with organic ale. This convenient and certified organic radler is ready to enjoy!

Radler pours hazy straw yellow. the aroma is citrusy and sweet with notes that are reminiscent of lemon meringue pie. The flavour offers spritzy grapefruit and lemon inflections. This light-bodied beverage has a soft malt underpinning. The finish is bright and crisp. 2.5% ABV

Appearance: Pours a cloudy lemon/straw with a lot of carbonation in the body that reminds me of a classic lager.. lots of bubble streams throughout the beer. The head is very minimal at best, giving off a light powdering of snow white foam that's mostly near the side of the glass.

Aroma: Yep, I can say that this is certainly a radler - Notes of grapefruit, a hint of cracked pepper, lemon, light cereal grains, and a grassy hop aroma at the end. Fairly straight forward so far.

Taste: This is pretty aggressive on the grapefruit compared to some of the Radlers I've had in the past few years, it reminds me a tad of the grapefruit cooler my mom likes. Aside from the bitterness and citrusness of the grapefruit, I also get a bit of black pepper, lemon and a floral/grassy hop presence at the end. Good amount of bitterness from this Radler and a hint of graininess for the aftertaste. Not as sweet as many Radlers I've had but if you're a grapefruit fan, this is much more of a tart/bitter Radler than say Pumphouse's Crafty Radler.

Overall Thoughts: It's a bit of a surprise that this is only 2.5% ABV, so it's perfectly sessionable on a sunny afternoon after working from home.. or if you're like me, unemployed until further notice. More bitter and much more grapefruit than many Radlers out there but if you're a grapefruit fan, this is probably for you.

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