Review: Trou du Diable's Mellifera Honey Beer

I have a lot of beers in my hoard that I've been meaning to review but just haven't gotten around to reviewing - this is one of them. In 2015, after visiting Marché Jean Talon I had some time to kill so I checked out a dépanneur across the street. The dep just happened to have a bunch of Quebec beers I haven't tried before - including this beer - Mellifera by Le Trou du Diable. Mellifera is a honey beer brewed at 5.0% ABV. When I bought it, I assumed it was a mead for some reason.. and not a honey beer.

Appearance: Pretty darned carbonated in the body, orange in appearance and a thick frothy beige head on top. This beer's label is easily one of my favourite beer labels of all time.

Aroma: Wildflowers, honey, Belgianesque yeastiness to give it a rich bready presence, a light tartness of white wine, light fruitiness, light grassy hops and a light herbal presence.

Taste: Tasted pretty much what I was expecting from this beer - a moderate meady flavour that gives off some wildflower notes, fairly mineral-y, some sourness that gives it a presence reminiscent to sparkling wine, lemon. It's quite dry and reminiscent of your typical saison, so it's quite carbonated for mouth feel.

Overall Thoughts: Considering this has been in my hoard for almost two years, the beer held up quite well. Very dry and carbonated, which I'd expect from a saison. The honey notes are a nice touch for the beer as it gives it light white meady presence to it.

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