Review: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Campout Porter

Thanks to Andrew over at The Pour House for this! This is Campout Porter from Sierra Nevada Brewing - a beer that's part of their Beer Camp series. Campout Porter is brewed with Garage Project out of New Zealand and contains manuka honey, vanilla, and the malt is smoked over NZ manuka wood.

Appearance: This pours a thick, black-as-the-night body with a good amount of beige head on top. As the head dissipates, it leaves behind a bit of a beige lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: Quite typical of your typical vanilla-forward porters. The second I pop the cap off, I get a rich abundance of sweet vanilla, a bit of booziness and a mildly roasted malt profile. Fairly sweet, a good dosage of chocolate, a hint of honey, a certain presence of woodiness.. but not a smoky one. Rich and robust.

Taste: This is absolutely welcoming on a cold, bitter, wintery day like today. The malt profile gives off a bit of an earthy, slightly peaty punch to it. There's a hint of booziness in there, a decent amount of vanilla, a decent woodiness that tends to linger for a while, and a hint of creamy milk chocolate that makes everything pleasant. Oh, and one flavour that I can't put my finger on - the honey! It's something I keep wondering why it tasted a bit familiar.. it's the honey!!!!

Overall Thoughts: Absolutely solid porter with a good vanilla presence, a good deal of honey that doesn't overpower anything.. it just compliments the flavours. Light roasted notes, chocolate, very smooth, light creaminiess, and a good deal of booziness throughout the entire adventure. 7.7% ABV

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