Review: Trou du Diable La Bretteuse (Pinot Noir & Zinfadel Barrel)

Ah.. Brett beer, we simply don't see beer brewed with Brett here in Manitoba so it's fun when I get to have beers with Brett. I used to absolutely hate Brett because it was a weird aroma and flavour that I just didn't find appetizing.. but after my visit to Vermont two years ago, I couldn't get enough of it.

Trou du Diable's La Bretteuse is an IPA aged in pinot noir and zinfandel barrels with Brettanomyce wild yeast. 7.5% ABV. I remember buying this at Dépanneur Peluso (Beaubien) and seeing the price tag.. it was something like $18 but the Alice in Wonderland theme on the label made it simply impossible to not buy!

Appearance: Hefty, cloudy dark orange body with a moderate to high amount of carbonation and a frothy amount of beige foam on top that's simply not moving.

Aroma: The barnyard funkiness of the Brett is the most dominant aroma in here, it's giving off a sour, intense lemon aroma with a bit of woodiness to it. Rich oaky notes that give it a bit of a sourness of wine (and sour cherry), vanilla, and some floral hop notes at the end.

Taste: The Brett steals the show again, it has a hefty sour presence that's a combination of white wine, sour cherries and vinegar. There's notes of lemon, a hint of pepper for spiciness, a moderate floral and grassy hop presence, and a moderate oak presence that compliments the flavours instead of masking them like in many barrel aged beers. For the mouthfeel, very dry and incredibly carbonated.

Overall Thoughts: I probably wouldn't call this an IPA, it reminds me more of a saison that's using Brett instead. The beer is full of barnyard funk, has a good amount of wine barrel notes and even has a bit of spice kicking around. Is it worth close to 20 dollars for a 750mL bottle? Definitely!

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