Review: Phillips Green Reaper Fresh Hop IPA (2017)

Every autumn when the hops are freshly harvested, a lot of breweries come out with fresh hopped beers. For BC's Phillips Brewing, they release their Green Reaper Fresh Hop IPA once every autumn. I've had it a few times already and it changes year to year depending on what kind of hop crop is readily available. The 2017 batch features Centennial hops.

Appearance: Green Reaper pours a kind of clearish golden ale with a moderate amount of floating sediment throughout the glass. Moderate amount of carbonation and a decent amount of white head. The head gradually diminishes, leaving behind a lot of lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Notes of pine, grass, a hint of grapefruit, light sweetness from the malt, light amount of peppery spiciness, very leafy and sort of dank.

Taste: I'm getting a hefty amount of pine right up front, a moderate amount of grass, lemon, a blunt grainy flavour (not sweet). A hint of alfalfa, grapefruit, and a good deal of floral notes. For it being in my fridge for a month and half, it's still tasting pretty fresh.

Overall Thoughts: Pretty much a bitter-forward IPA, it retained its fresh hop presence pretty well after the many weeks it's been in my fridge. This is possibly one of the better IPAs I've had from Phillips. If you like IPAs that are still bitterness first, you'll like this.

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