Photos: A visit to Winnipeg Breweries

A couple weeks ago I went to Winnipeg with my up-and-coming brewery owner friend Ben to check out the Winnipeg beer scene, I haven't been in Winnipeg for a few months so I was glad to check out a few breweries while I was in town! Sorry about the amount of bandwidth I used up!

Little Brown Jug

1919 Belgian Pale Ale and Golden Ale

Jeremy busy at work

Ben chatting with Bernie

LBJ has the most open concept style brewery in Manitoba, so you can see the beer being made, as well as the warehouse in the back (as you'll see in the next photo).

Check out Little Brown Jug at and at 336 William Ave in Winnipeg.

Barn Hammer Brewing (Feat. Mark from Brasserie Nonsuch)
After our visit to Little Brown Jug, we had a meeting with Brian over at Barn Hammer, it just happened that Mark over at Brasserie Nonsuch was there, so we were able to meet up, discuss beer, and critique Ben's beer!

Brian (left) from Barn Hammer Brewing and Mark (right) from Brasserie Nonsuch

Brian and Ben chatting about brewing beer

A bottle of Brasserie Nonsuch's Saison shows up!

Sampling Brasserie Nonsuch's Saison, it's great!

Mark from Nonsuch checking out Ben's homebrewed dubbel.. it was pretty decent!

Check out Barn Hammer Brewing at and at 595 Wall St in Winnipeg. Also, don't forget to check out Brasserie Nonsuch at

Trans Canada Brewing
Our last stop of the night was Trans Canada Brewing for beer and 'za!

Trans Canada features a pizzeria called Timmy Tom's, it's pretty darn good!

Cheese pizza with Ben trying to piss me off by poking a hole in it. I think I liked the pizza more than the beer at this point, the pizza was solid while the beer was hit or miss.. they certainly didn't need a lite lager.

Ben being Ben.

Check out Trans Canada Brewing at and at 1290 Kenaston Blvd in Winnipeg.

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