Skunksworth's Barleyslime - Keystone Lager

Skunksworth's Barleyslime - Keystone Lager by Cody La Bière
It's been a while since I previously did a review for the Skunksworth's Barleyslime, my takes on some of the most putrid beers available at the local liquormarts/vendors. This week's pick from ol Señor Barleyslime himself is Keystone Lager by Molson-Coors. With a name like Keystone, rednecks here in Manitoba call it their "own" beer because Manitoba is the keystone province and all, though it has nothing to do with Manitoba whatsoever. Anywho..

I found two cans of this swill in my fridge this morning as I was getting ready for work, my drunken birthday-boy roomie put two in my fridge for me, oh how generous.. especially after him whining to me non stop about how he has no money and no beer.. so I had to pick up an 8-er of this crap, because he doesn't like good beer. I'm too nice of a roommate. $11 mistake of a purchase.

It pours a light yellow, like urine when you can start to tell you've been drinking too much urine beer. Light snow head, very carbonated, bubbly, looks like corn water from a puddle.

Smells like Corn, expired barley that was malted for far too long, and some random traces of grass to throw you off a bit. Hops? Nosiree Bob.

Taste? Exactly how it smells, tastes like corn water with expired barley. A really annoying metallic aftertaste is present and if you have to drink this at a family get together or at a Manitoba Social, say no and just DD. It's just overpriced corn water.

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