Review: Alley Kat Indigo Dragon Double IPA

Review: Alley Kat Indigo Dragon Double IPA by Cody La Bière
The kickass folks over at Alley Kat Brewing out of Edmonton did a "Dragon Series" Double IPA batch of beers, with several variations of DIPAs, this happened to be one of them. The Indigo Dragon, which this beer is - is a Cascade based DIPA.

Appearance: Pours a nice caramel honey ale, clear but there's a very noticable amount of sediment just floating around, doesn't look like your brother's IPA here! A nice bright IPA with a minimal amount of head, a lightly snow white hue to it.

Aroma: Bitter and citrus. Bitterness of the Indigo is a floral, spicy and a bit pine scent to it. Sweet caramel malt is popping up in there, which is always a good thing, as well as a bit of lemon.

Taste: Considering I have a bad cold, hops are supposed to help you out in time of need, this is quite a bitter Double IPA thanks to the abundance of Cascade hops, as I take a sip, I first notice a caramel sweetness hitting my tongue, immediately followed by a bitterness of pine, alfalfa, grassy, and a smidge of lemon. It leaves a bitter aftertaste (alfalfa, grass) on the palate long after I'm done sipping on the beer.

Overall Thoughts: A more bitter centric (D)IPA out of Alley Kat Brewing, a nice bitterness coming off of the Cascade Hops, not too bitter though, so if you're a classic Canadian (East or West Coast) IPA fan, I assume you will enjoy this beer, nice sweet caramel note in there, and easy to drink on a nice summer evening like tonight. Santé!

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