Review: Muskoka Dark Ale

Review: Muskoka Dark Ale by Cody La Bière
Muskoka Brewery recently brought out a summer tasters pack featuring 4 of their most popular beers, including Mad Tom, Craft Lager, Cream Ale and the beer I'm about to review - Dark Ale, for $29.99. I didn't know what the price was before I bought it, so I was willing to purchase it.

Appearance: Muskoka's Dark Ale pours a thick, dark dark chocolate black, with a slight dark-caramel hue to it. Minimal beige foam that diminishes immediately, it looks like just about any dark ale out there in Canada from micros.

Aroma: A nice dark roasted malt, a bit of an espresso aroma, like as if you're going into a nice coffee shop, a nice nuttiness is also accompanying the espresso aroma, as well as a bit of chocolate, and a smidge of pepper for spice.

Taste: This is your standard dark ale, thick, not quite as thick as a stout, roasty coffee-like malt, light chocolate flavour, slight carbonation to the palate yet thin to the touch of the tongue. Very enjoyable yet not much really to say here.

Overall Thoughts: This is basically what I expect in a dark ale, roasted coffee-like flavour, some chocolate, a bit of spice, overall quite balanced. Incredibly pricey at $30 for a 12 mixer pack, but hey - when you want to try something new, you got to spend some money.

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