Review: Granville Island Imperial India Pale Ale

Review: Granville Island Imperial India Pale Ale by Cody La Bière
I heart Imperial and Double IPAs, there's not a single DIPA/IIPA that I've ever thrown down the sink, because generally they can be quite tasty. Well.. that's a lie, I wanted to pour down one "DIPA" from Minhas Creek.. it was putrid.. reminded me of Oscarbrau on Corner Gas. Aside from that.. never had a bad DIPA

This Imperial IPA is part of Granville Island's Limited Release series straight from their actual brewery, not the Molson plant. Generally the actual beers made AT Granville Island are pretty solid, while the 341s are pretty lame-tacular.

Appearance A vibrant caramel-honey golden appearance, slightly hazy, thick amount of creamy foam, just like what a good DIPA should look like. There's a bit of sediment floating around so that's a bit of a nice surprise.

Aroma: A floral and aromatic Imperial IPA, notes of bitter hops, a bit of lemon and caramel pop out in this beer. Slightly grainy yet quite well balanced, the perfumey floral aroma really pops out in this beer.

Taste: Starts off with a malt-forward sweetness that immediately gets sidestepped by the bitterness of the hops, it's a hop bomb of flavour, bitter yet floral pine that tickles the tongue and leaves a bit ofa bitter aftertaste once the beer is long gone. As someone who likes a nice bitter DIPA/IIPA, it's very appreciative, but not for everyone.

Overall Thoughts: A very solid Imperial IPA on the part of Granville Island, this is the kind of Molson-owned products I want to see more of, not more of the standard 341s that are made at the Molson plant that just taste like a sub-brand of Rickard's. Quite bitter, floral, and a bit of sweetness makes it a nice nerve-calmer on this warm prairie afternoon. 8.2% ABV

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