Review: Spinnakers' Hoptoria IPA

Review: Spinnakers' Hoptoria by Cody La Bière
Spinners Brewing's Hoptoria IPA was specially created to honour the 150th birthday of the beautiful city of Victoria, and my landlord wants me to clear out all of my beers from my fridge, thinking I'm an alcoholic, now I have to drink them!

Appearance: Hoptoria (great name BTW) pours a standard caramel-red amber just like any standard IPA out there (always a great colour to look at). Not much head, but it's a slight beige/eggshell white look to it, the foam that does go down ends up clinging to the sides of the glass.

Aroma: A slightly chlorenic aroma (blah) with an abundance of various hops, mostly a floral Cascadeness to it with some light citrus, not overpowering, not overly hopped, not much bitterness to it, quite a nice drinking IPA.

Taste: A nice lightly balanced IPA with Cascade hops among other hops in there, very floral, quite more mellow than the standard West Coast style IPAs we see out there, nowhere near as light as a Keith's Cascade Hopped Ale, but 100x better! A bit of lemon in there. A rainy evening sort of IPA.

Overall Thoughts: A bit lighter than most IPAs out there, but appreciative, as I said "a rainy evening" sort of IPA, one you can drink to the sound of rain hitting the roof. Nice floral hops, a bit of sweetness, not too bitter, not too boring, it's right in the middle. Good stuff. 6.8% ABV

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