Review: Unibroue Éphémère Cerise (Cherry)

Review: Unibroue Éphémère Cerise (Cherry) by Cody La Bière
This is an Unibroue product that I never knew existed.. until tonight when I was picking up a few beers. Unibroue has a new beer as part of their Éphémère series, which is mainly a fruity Belgian-style ale series for hot summer nights, and for people who don't care for tripels and the like. The ceries (cherry) makes me excited as I've wanted to try an Unibroue take on cherry beer for quite a while now (and I can't get to try Quelque Chose).

Appearance: Pours a deep cherry pinkish-red, vibrant like any other Éphémère product, almost unnatural for a beer. A very thick creamy white head with a bit of a bubble gum pink hue to it. Very fizzy and carbonated, almost like a soda.

Aroma: I was expecting a sour cherry like a Kriek, this is actually more of a very sweet dessert cherry sort of beer, like a cherry cheesecake, though it is slightly sour but it ain't no Kriek. Certainly nowhere as near tart as the Cassis version, this is more of a sweet, sugary cherry ale. Very aromatic but almost a fake cherry aroma as it's almost too cherry. Also, a nice amount of Belgian yeast, just like ANY other Unibroue beer on the market.

Taste: It's a mildly sweet and slightly tart cherry beer, quite fizzy to the palate but not as sweet as the aroma would let you believe. Nowhere near as tart as a Cassis, but the tartness does appear. Decent amount of Unibroue yeast, and the cherry flavour just reminds me of cherry gum.

Overall Thoughts: For a hot night like tonight, it's insanely inviting even though my review has been pretty "meh" about the beer itself. It's thirst quenching and a lightly fruity ale but it could be a lot better. It could have been sweeter, or more of a sour tart beer like a Kriek but for those who want something that's not quite a lager and something that's not quite a tripel, this is a decent middle ground beer. I really didn't expect this beer to even exist as I'm usually on the ball with Unibroue beers as it is, and I even had their old Éphémère Framboise (RIP), so it's nice to try something new. I just wish the cerise was more of a Kriek style cherry beer, or sweeter.

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