Review from the archives: New Grist Gluten Free Specialty Beer

32/52! New Grist Gluten Free Specialty Beer by Cody La Bière
Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Lakefront Brewery inc makes a gluten free beer called New Grist Sorghum Beer. This is actually the very first time I've ever tried a gluten free beer, as usually they're fairly pricey, and it's not an area that the macrobreweries like Molson and Labatt don't care for.

On the bottle itself, it doesn't list the word BEER anywhere. Instead, it lists itself as a "crisp & refreshing Alcoholic Beverage." That's kind of weird, really.

I open up the bottle, pop top as expected, pour it into the glass, a very very light golden liquid pours. Not much foam and the foam that there is, disappears near immediately. The very very light aroma of this "alcoholic beverage" is a hint of lemon, and absolutely no hint of hops.

As the ol' Canadian saying states: "American beer is like sex in a canoe, so close to water." In this case, that's very true. This beer, or should I say "alcoholic beverage" has very minimal taste.. well I suppose replacing barley/wheat with Rice and Sorghum would do that to a beer. I taste a hint of rice, something acidic, but that's it. However on my tongue, there's a really strong metallic taste lingering at the moment.

I'm not liking this beer. If you've ever had a glass of Molson Canadian 67, it's actually lighter in colour than that, and 67 actually has more flavour!

Would I recommend this beer? Nope. It does have 5.7% alcohol content which isn't bad, but the taste isn't worth it, but I could see it being popular for lime-o fans if they were to market a faux-lime version, as this isn't a beer that has any taste, and lime beers are all about masking the taste of beer as much as possible it seems.

It was $3.50 or so after tax, a product of USA (Milwaukee) by Lakefront Brewery, was made in July (I love when breweries state when the product was MADE). Lastly, it lists the ingredients: Water, sorghum, rice, hops and that's it. I feel bad for celiacs/those who want to stay away from barley/wheat products as there's very few beers on the market available for them, that also tastes good.

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