Cody's Biercation - Day 1

Wow, today was a busy busy busy day. Firstly, I had to get up at Three AM to make sure I didn't miss the redeye 5AM Greyhound trip from Brandon to Winnipeg, because I'm known for sleeping in - thankfully, I didn't miss that. Two flights, one from Winnipeg to Montreal and Montreal to Quebec City and wow.. I haven't been on a plane in nearly five years now. My beer didn't pop open so that's awesome too.

I discovered my French isn't as bad as I thought, I guess I just have to get in right mood and I'll be just as fluent as always - had a lengthy chat with a cab driver talking about hockey and economic differences between Manitoba and Quebec - gas is 11¢ more in Quebec City than Winnipeg, which is actually a smaller difference than in 2008, where it was 1.50 in Quebec City vs 1.33 in Winnipeg. I somehow managed to lose my iPhone in the cab, but thanks to iCloud, I was able to track it down and get it back within half an hour. Damn it Cody, never take your iPhone out of your pocket.

I learned that NEVER EVER EVER buy a beer at airport pubs, I ordered a pint of Molson Export and a Pint of Creemore Springs lager, the total came out to $24! for two pints! OUCH! I can get a 12 of Unibroue for that amount. So folks, don't drink beers at an airport, they'll rip you off, but they were both 20oz pints so that wasn't as bad.

Checked into the hotel (Best Western Centre Ville) and discovered that I was upgraded, SWEET! I hotel I once visited. Oh, and the view doesn't hurt either - a nice view of the Laurentian Mountains.
have an awesome room, with a big screen tv, mini fridge, and comfiest beds everrrrr, better than CRT TVs and linen with "red stains" on the blankets like one

Made a pilgrimage to Chez Ashton, the very place that turned me into a poutine fanatic, ordered the mini poutine with extra cheese, was kind of a baaaaad idea. It was impossibly hard for me to finish it, my gut can't handle so much food anymore. But one thing I noticed, the curds... HOLY FUCK.. the curds are much different than what we get in Manitoba. The curds actually squeaked, to the point that others could hear the squeaking as
you chomp into it, which isn't something I've ever seen with Manitoban poutines, I've had minimally squeaky curds in MB before but not like Chez Ashton's - it was like actually chomping on rubber.. damn. The sauce on the other hand, I've seen comparable sauces back in Manitoba before.

Went on a walk down Vieux Quebec reminiscing about way back when, and met a guy from Spain who was telling me he really wanted to come to Quebec City for a long time now, but he can't believe how expensive food is in Quebec, and how much servers expect tips here - but hey.. it's all about tourism in Vieux Quebec.

I'm going to get some shuteye soon, no pub hopping for me because I feel broke already, bah humbug! Oh and damn it, every time I pass by a cute Quebecoise girl, I keep thinking to myself "I need a cute French girl" damn it Cody, stop it!

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