Review: 8 Wired Hopwired India Pale Ale

Review: 8 Wired Hopwired India Pale Ale by Cody La Bière
So, this is a first for me - trying an India Pale Ale from New Zealand! I've had 8 Wired Brewing before, their Big Smoke Porter and it was delicious! This time, it's Hopwired IPA, I have no idea what to expect as every region has a different take on IPAs. British are more malt forward, East Coast N. Am. are citrusy hops, West Coast being more of a pine and bitter for hops, how will this fare?

Appearance: Pours an golden amber ale in appearance, Decent amount of creamy off-white head, clear as heck, this has more of a British IPA sort of appearance to me.

Aroma: Quite a flavourful and hoppy aroma, so it's a combination of East and West Coast style IPAs, it has a very tropical pineapple sweetness backing it, some lemon, possibly a hint of kiwi, a bit of pine for bitterness. Much more of a tropical and fruity IPA than what we're used to here in Canada. It does have a great deal of bitterness backing it, so it's very much an India Pale Ale in every sense.

Taste: Mixture of piney bitterness and pineapple hitting at the very same time as I first take a sip. This is quite an interesting India Pale Ale as while it's a decently bitter IPA - comparable to some recent prairie IPAs, it also has a very sweet pineapple flavour that's very welcome on a -2C spring afternoon here in Manitoba, Canada. I'm really enjoying this as it's a bit of a move away from the bitter/lemony IPAs I've been drinking quite a bit of lately.

Overall Thoughts: I'm insanely bitter as the Jets are on a 5 game losing streak.. seriously Hainsey?! That said, this IPA has a great balance of bitter hops - not too bitter, not too light, and a great tropical sensation coming from the pineapple flavours in the beer, thanks to the local NZ hops. Easily one of the top 3 IPAs I've had in the last month.. and I've had a lot. There's a slight tingling on the tongue coming from the aftertaste, it's different.. I like it.

Hopwired IPA comes in a 500mL bottle, priced at $8.06 before taxes and deposit, it is a pricey IPA, but considering it came all the way from New Zealand, and still has a great citrusy and hoppy flavour when it made its way to Manitoba, I'd pay the premium just so it would stay fresh. Also has 7.3% ABV and 70 IBU.

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