Biercation - Day two!

Wow, jsuis tellement fatigué. J'ai bu trop (probablement) des bières.

So. I finally visited my very first brewpub in my entire life, yes, my entire life. Since S√©bastien says that La Barberie isn't a brewpub, but a pub in a brewery, I still managed to go to a brewpub, Ma√ģtres Brasseurs L'INOX. A fairly new brewpub (within last 4 years) since the last time I was here on Grande All√©e, they have a decent selection of on-site brewed beers, including a brune, rousse, blonde and blanche - something for just about everyone's tastes, including the finicky beer drinker. I tried their brune, which was a stout similar to Half Pints Stir Stick Stout, a coffee stout with a bit of chocolate to it. A decent atmosphere with lots of space to bring friends or ahem coworkers during a lunch break (if your job allows for that). Right in the prime location  just outside of Old Quebec. Les Trois Brasseurs are moving in literally across the street so it will be interesting to see the area turn into a brewpub district eventually. I worked a block away from there, so I wish I had THOSE options back then.
Cranberry Wheat ale, which was your standard witbier, with a bit of cranberries added in at time of pouring, also had a coffee brune of theirs, which was very much similar to a

Then there was La Barberie, a five minute walk from my hotel, I've had their beer in the past, since back in 2006, I really enjoyed their beer as they did some Belgian ales really well, as well as stouts and other styles. I tried their Blanche Classique and damn, honestly one of the best witbiers I've ever had in my life. It had a great amount of hops, which isn't normal for a witbier, it's usually muted for hops Cuivr√©e au Th√©) was a great seasonal beer, after CLIT, I was kind of skeptic, but - it was delicious, it was a copper Belgian-styled wheat beer (what it seems like) with a great amount of hops and tea, the tea really matched the hops well.
aroma/flavourwise, but this one, the floral hops were very noticeable and appreciative. It was hard to select a beer as there were 7 beers on tap, including a cask and hell.. I wish I could've tried them all at once but I'm a busy guy! I did ask the server what she recommended, and she said that their tea beer (

While strolling around Place Laurier, Nicolas over at tweeted me that I needed to check out La Bo√ģte √† Bi√®res, a beer store located right off of Avenue Laurier, Google pulled an Apple Maps and told me to go to Chemin Ste-Foy, but it has since moved. I had a great chat with the staff there, not knowing what I wanted to try, he gave me some amazing suggestions, beers I've had before (that I loved) but beers I've never tried before that I had to try.. it was awesome! They had hundreds of bottles of various Quebec beers, but not ONE bottle of Molson or Labatt's from what I noticed, how I can dream of that happening in Manitoba..

Lastly, LES COWBOYS FRINGANTS! Their song les √©toiles filantes is a favourite of mine, and every time I watch the video, brings me back memories of living in Quebec years ago. Easily one of the best concerts I've seen in a long time. It was very much un party de cuisine (kitchen party) and everyone knew every single word to every single song, even a 5 year old child behind me was singing Great Big Sea a few blocks away from the concert venue back in 2008, that was a real awesome kitchen party back in the day.
EVERY word to every song, it reminds me of

I've eaten way too much poutine for my own good, but a blizzard that hit Manitoba just arrived here and lots of restaurants shut down early due to lack of business, but when in Quebec, faire comme les Qu√©b√©coises. Demain, j'ai bu even more beers! Oh.. apparently my French sucks, I get it - I have an accent when I speak French, but I've been speaking the language (well Franglais, jspose) since the days of Mulroney, but whatever I guess, it is a tourist town after all, but hey - I automatically speak French when I hear a French person speaking English in Brandon, I guess it's the same thing.

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