Bièrcation - Day 3!

Okay better late.. by 6 days than never, let's talk about day trois of ma bièrcation!
Mathieu knows what we're all thinking, Leafs suck!

Pour la troisième jour! I went to Chez Ashton, this time at Place Laurier to have my bitchingly hungry and needed a poutine. Oh ya, Alexandre told me to check out la boîte à bières, and I did, and the staff there recommended only the best beer.. ever, easily my new favourite beer store!

I was going to meet up with my kickass friends over at the Regroupement biérophile de la ville de Québec, but Ryan was taking his damned time getting to Quebec City, that and he wasn't felling well, but.. he made it!

After Les Cowboys Fringants concert, I kept hearing Patrick Watson's Big Bird in a Small Cage in my head, mainly because the venue I saw them at, I saw Watson perform with Karkwa 5 years earlier, that and Les îles de la Madeleine Tourism department was using that song for their ad.. I really want to visit the island(s) now!
Ryan now knows to never cry over spilled beer!

Ryan finally came by, so we headed out with Mathieu C, Mathieu G and Alexandre to La Korrigane, where I had a flight of beers, a bit of witbier, stout, English Ale, etc - it was a damned good fun time! Plus they gave some free popcorn.

Afterwards, a quick visit to Dépanneur La Duchesse d'Aiguillon, rated THE best bottle shop in all of Canada according to RateBeer. It was hard to select beer, but I ended up with some Trou du Diable and.. of course.. Unibroue.

Afterwards, souper! Let's go to Le Cactus! It was a nice pub with beers from Montreal's Benelux on
tap, seating was very limited as I had to stand up while I ate, but they had a very tasty homemade burger, a standard poutine, similar to what you would see at a Manitoban pub - but with actual fresh curds, and the Habs game on TV.. even though the Leafs were kicking their asses. But as any true fan would say, GO JETS GO! ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ, ALLEZ WINNIPEG!

Afterwards, a bottle share at Mathieu C's friend's house, what a blast, some Boson de Higgs (Ryan) and Cantillon. At the end of the night, a long walk through the sloche with Ryan to Chez Ashton on Grande Allée.. that brings me back memories. Next, I try to remember Sunday.

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