Review: Alexander Keith's Cascade Hop Ale

Review: Alexander Keith's Cascade Hop Ale by Cody La Bière
While I'm waiting for my friend Ryan to hurry up and get to Quebec City, I'm trying out Alexander Keith's Cascade Hop Ale, which I honestly believe only exists because of Lynn, because of her "where's my elephant?" complaints.

So here I am, trying the beer. What do I think?

Appearance: A clear caramel brown with a thin white head. It looks better than a Keith's "IPA" so that's a surprise.

Aroma: Une surprise, il y a une arome des houblons! An aroma of Cascade Hops is present in this beer, which the first time in Alexander Keith's history that hops have appeared anywhere near a beer.

Taste: Not a surprise but the beer is not as hop forward as the aroma teased us, it's a malt-based caramelly ale, better than Keith's "IPA" but nowhere close to any IPA I've had in my life. There's a minor amount of hoppy bitterness but minimal is the key word here, they expect the general population to appreciate this but know that the beer geeks won't likely go out of their way to try this.

Overall Thoughts: Not a great beer, but probably the best of Keith's, so far. It has hops for aroma for a first time.. ever, which is a surprise because the beer they call India Pale Ale is lacking entirely in hops as it is. Not great at all, but not horrible at all, it's a start but they shouldn't be calling their staple an IPA at all.

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JP said...

I tried this beer last night and kinda liked it. I've just started branching out into more of the 'real beer' flavors after reading your blog so I would say this is a good intro beer for people just starting out. Let's you get your pallet adjusted to the bitterness :P
P.S. I blame you for me not being able to enjoy a cold *insert brandname here* anymore without thinking 'man this is like cold, watered down piss'

Cody Lobreau said...

As an intro beer to hoppy/bitter beers, you're right.. it had a great amount of cascade hops in the aroma, but unfortunately it missed out in the flavour, but it was easily the best Keith's I've ever had. I'm having their other hop beer later this week and see how that turns out.

AHAHAHA!!! not cold but "iced cold", good beers are best to be served 6-15C depending on what beer it is (style, alcohol content, etc)

Anonymous said...

I found this in my local liquor store yesterday, haven't tried it yet, but it's definitely Keith's attempt at breaking into the growing craft-beer market!

The positive side I can see, if people are willing to try this, and get a small taste of what a FLAVORED BEER tastes like, it may encourage them to try other varieties of craft beers available!

Cody Lobreau said...

Yep, very true, but I remember pre: Rickard's White, nobody would EVER drink any white ale either than Hoegaarden, but things haven't really changed that much, I don't see people buying cases of Chambly or other similar beers here.