Review: Russell Nectar of the Gods Wheat Wine aged in whisky barrels

Review: Russell Nectar of the Gods Wheat Wine aged in whisky barrels by Cody La Bière
Today is the Singles Appreciation Day where you appreciate individual bottles of beer and drink em down!

To start off the night, the 2011 batch of Nectar of the Gods by Russell Brewing out of Vancouver. This is only the second Wheat Wine I ever had, the previous being Half Pints' Demeter's Harvest. When I googled up "Wheat Wine" back then, the only results I could find were vague Barley Wine results or blog pieces about Demeter's Harvest, and that. was. it. So trying another Wheat Wine? Oui svp!

The Nectar of the Gods by Russell is aged in whisky barrels, so it will give it a bit of whisky complexity, some oaky, caramel, vanilla, spiciness to it. So I'm looking forward to it. This is actually my valentine for this year, because dating in this town is oh so fun.

Appearance: The Nectar of the Gods has a murky, muddy, oaky, sedimenty? caramel combination. It almost reminds me of Oscarbrau from Corner Gas (anybody remember that TV show?)

Aroma: A sweet/bitter combo of sweet oakiness of the whisky barrel, a bit of a vanilla scent, followed by a bitterness coming from the hops, this seriously has an aroma of "your father's beverage" because of the complexity and strength of the whisky notes. Quite sweet.

Taste: I can picture my mom right now, she'd making the most disgusted face in the universe. It kind of actually tastes like mud! Okay, I'm joking.. but it's different. It's quite a bitter Wheat Wine, a bitterness of the hops intermingling with the whisky oak, more bitter than the 2011 Demeter's Harvest, but more similar to the 2012. Has notes of vanilla, wheat malt, a bit of a caramel sweetness, all flavours mostly from the whisky barrel, a very alcohol-dominant flavour. I like it, but some people would easily be turned off by it, but hell.. for all those who don't like it, give me more of these, I'll drink em all!

Overall Thoughts: Not as sweet/sugary as I would have expected compared to most other wheat/barley wines I've had back in the day, but the whisky aspect of this comes out dominating the beer, which I like being a wannabe-whisky connoisseur. Oak, caramel, looks like mud, whisky, what's not to love?

It has 10% ABV so it will warm ya up.

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