Skunkworth's Barleyslime: Bud Light Platinum

Skunkworth's Barleyslime: Bud Light Platinum by Cody La Bière
U Mad Bro? This is what this beer says to me. This is the most oxymoronly named beer since Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale, or any "Premium" lager.

Anheuser Busch came out with Bud Light Platinum a few years ago as a "we have to attract the douche bros who want a Bud Light but with higher % and not a Budweiser" so they came out with this, the name is an oxymoron, hell.. they shouldn't even be allowed to use the word "light" as it's 6% ABV apparently. Why am I reviewing hits? Because I can, that and I get more interest on the blog for these sort of reviews than when I review imperial stouts or DIPAs.

Appearance: Lighter in colour than a standard Bud Light, it's a light urine yellow straw clearness, bit carbonated, slight layer of foam on top. This just screams "I TASTE LIKE PISS!"

Aroma: Slightly perfumy, a bit of a mediocrity that I can only compare to Minhas Creek's lager, corn, sweet malty, slightly stronger than Bud Light.

Taste: This is very much Bud Light, the weird bitterness that's not of hops but combination of grains other than barley, a weird metallic aftertaste on my tongue, which is normal for a Bud Light, but also possibly due to this being in an aluminum bottle. Corny, boring, not much going on for it, just like a regular Bud Light.

Overall Thoughts: Worth sacrificing my life over? No. Not worth the $2.40 price tag, it's $10 too expensive. It's making my stomach ache as I continue to drink this, because I can't simply dump this out. It tastes like Bud Light for most part, with a bit more metallic aftertaste and 6% ABV.

I remember there was a Supreme Court case back in the late 70s when Labatt came out with Labatt Lite, at the time "light" beer wasn't supposed to be over 3.5%, while Labatt Lite was 4.0%, Labatt won the case, but how is 6% considered a light beer? as light refers to not only lack of flavour but also the lack of alcohol content. Stay away from this one, folks.

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