Review: Half Pints Saison de la ceinture fléchée 2013

Review: Half Pints Saison de la ceinture fléchée 2013 by Cody La Bière
Last year, Half Pints released La saison de la ceinture fléchée as a tribute to Le festival du voyageur, one of the largest French & winter festivals in North America. I found last year's saison so impossible to find that I only was able to sample one and a half bottles total.. because it was well raved after, but I still managed to review it.

This year, La saison is not only plentiful throughout Winnipeg (and soon Brandon) liquormarts, but I managed to save a few bottles for my hoard, hooray! La saison de la ceinture fléchée, as you can tell is a Belgian-styled saison (AKA Farmhouse ale), which it quite plentiful in winter time, but honestly - I find saisons to be an amazing alternative to witbier, as it's quite similar to a witbier in ways, but different citrusy notes and oh so goooood. Half Pints' saison has 5.5% ABV and 35 IBU, which is right on the mark compared to other saisons available today.

Appearance: Pours a thick murky hazy orange/honey, nice thick amount of beige foam.

Aroma: Belgiany! It has the standard Belgian yeast you come to know and love in beers like witbiers, sweet with a lemon and orange peel aroma to it.

Taste: Compareable to any saison on the market today, it has a great Belgian yeastiness with the lemon and orange notes complimenting the brew quite well. There's a bit of an orange aftertaste to it. Notes of grain, smidge of hoppy bitterness and overall - incredibly stellar!

Overall Thoughts: If you enjoy a sweet, yeasty, Belgian treat on a warm snow-melting day like today, you will love this. It costs around $6 for a 650mL bottle. I'm going to compare this to a bunch of other saisons, eventually.

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