Review: Whistler Winter Dunkel

Review: Whistler Winter Dunkel by Cody La Bière
Another one from Buncy's Beer Fridge. This time it's Whistler Brewing Co's Winter Dunkel. Many Twitter friends are letting me know to expect to be underwhelmed.. but meh.. I'm still going to try it!

Appearance: Pours a black cherry with a reddish hue, a creamy beige foam, looks drinkable! I really like the label, has a more crafty look to the label than most beer labels these days

Aroma: Terry's Chocolate Orange, that's what it smells like. I don't like the combination of chocolate + fruit so I'm hoping I won't mind this.

Taste: Tastes like parts of Christmas I don't like - the fruity chocolates you would get in boxes.. I hated those growing up, and still do. It's a bit of a combination of orange chocolate and maybe a bit of cherry for some reason. Still tastes like Terry's chocolate orange, but liquidified and watery, there's also a bit of spice to it like clove making a brief appearance. Considering my hatred of chocolate covered fruit flavours (aside from chocolate covered raisins - considering I HATE raisins), it's drinkable.

Overall Thoughts: The not-being-a-fan-of-fruit+chocolate thing is making it hard for me to open up to this. It's quite a Terry's Chocolate Orange sort of beer. Still better than the winter beers I've had from Molson this past Xmas time. If you like Terry's Chocolate orange, and beer, you'll likely be a fan of this. Not as strong in flavour for a chocolatey beer than a porter/stout. 5% ABV

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