Four Manitoban beers to look forward to

Well, the post-Christmas lack-of-beer extravaganza is now long gone and both Half Pints and Fort Garry are coming out with some new seasonal beers or have just released some new beers.

From Half Pints:
  • La Saison de la ceinture fléchée was just released this past weekend. If you're a Belgian saison/Farmhouse Ale geek like I am, your taste buds will be salivating awaiting the sweetness and yeastiness of this rare treat. Last year's batch was so hard to find that I only got to try it once. Pick some up while you can!
  • Le Temps Noir is a new product being released on February 16th at the brewery. It is a bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout, so it should be a good one.
From Fort Garry:
  • Kona Imperial Stout makes a return after a very successful run a year ago, even though the customized bottles showed up several weeks later than anticipated. This beer won silver in the Imperial Stout category at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2012. I've bugged Matt about bringing this product back to the point that look.. it worked! I'm looking forward to it, and Lloyd over at Buncy's Beer Fridge says it's a real winner!
  • Portage and Main IPA is a new product over at Fort Garry, their very first India Pale Ale, ever! I've seen this beer mature and change since its conception and if it's anything like the previous batch I had, it's probably going to be one of the best prairie IPAs on the market.

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