Review: Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Review: Rogue Dead Guy Ale by Cody La Bière
Rogue Ales produces some of the best beer in all of the United States, their Rogue Dead Guy Ale, a German Maibock, is one of the most popular beers that the brewery offers.

It's been OVER two years since I previously had Rogue Dead Guy Ale, better to review it now than to never review it again!

Appearance: Pours a thick honey/maple brownish colour, hazy, minimal sediment (barely any). The carbonation was minimal, lots of bubbling IN the beer, but the head is a minimal beige head.

Aroma: Perhaps their Chipotle Ale has changed my views on all their beers, but this beer has a bit of a peppery spice aroma, a bit of a caramel (almost whisky) sweetness, and a bit of hops (not much).

Taste: Starts off with a caramel & dark fruit sweetness, quite dark. The dark fruits are very apparent in the back of the palate, which gives the aftertaste a bit of a dark fruit & acidic aftertaste. This is quite a complex beer. This isn't something I'd drink in summer time, but in a month from now, more than recommended with the seasons changing, harvesting time and preparation for winter. The hops are minimal but they come by and give the beer a bit of bitterness once every few sips, which is appreciated. There's a bit of a biscuit-like taste in it as the beer warms up.

Overall Thoughts: This is a beer I can't point my finger on as it's quite complex, but it was a tasty brew, a bit caramelly, decent amount of malt, a fall time brew. Not much really to say here, it's tasty yet complex. Let this warm up a bit and it will start evolving flavour wise.

Costs $8.41 for a 650mL bottle, which is quite excessive, as it was only $6.80 back in 2010, the price scares me off but it's worth checking out once in a while. Has an ABV of 6.6% and a "bottled date" of February 20, 2012. I was surprised to find this at the Virden, MB MLCC because the beer selection there is entirely macro and Budweiser/etc so seeing anything of Microbrewed status was a shock - no Unibroue or Half Pints though.

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