Review: Hops & Robbers IPA (Double Trouble Brewing)

Review: Hops & Robbers IPA (Double Trouble Brewing) by Cody La Bière
Happy IPA Day everyone!

I absolutely love two things: IPAs and punny names, so both together? Even better! Double Trouble Brewing, like Steamwhistle, has a flagship beer that is their ONLY beer they sell, in this case - Hops and Robbers (a play on words for Cops and Robbers, obvs.)

I've heard great things about Hops & Robbers IPA in the last 4-5 months by Toronto beer fans, and it was something I would love to try, but usually.. new micros don't come to Manitoba, but in the case of this beer, it's now available in Manitoba!

Hops & Robbers costs $2.89 before tax for a 473mL can, cheaper per ML than some of the bottled IPAs out there, and since it comes in only(?) cans, could easily turn into a camping beer.

Appearance: Golden straw with a honey/amber hue. Lots of bubbling action going on in this beer, quite a thick creamy and beige head.

Aroma: Exactly what you expect in an IPA: hops, lemon citrus and making you salivate. Quite a hoppy aroma, not as strong as some (ie Mad Tom IPA), but stronger than others. Has a sweet perfume hint as well.

Taste: When a beer has the word HOPS in the name, you expect a hopstorm of hops and in this case - this has a lot of hops! The bitterness of the hops quickly hits the palate. Not that sweet, but there's a bit of a caramel and lemon sweetness helping out the beer. The bitterness of the hops linger on palate for a while but slowly goes down.

Overall Thoughts: This is more of a bitter hop IPA than a sweet and citrusy IPA. This is more of my kind of IPA, I love a grain truck of hops in my beer! Has an ABV of 5.7% and 50 IBU. Also, this has a best before date of November 16, 2012 - I wish more breweries could do this in Canada because we should be able to know how fresh our beer is or when it's good until.


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