Five IPAs worth trying!

Muskoka Brewery's Mad Tom IPA by Cody La Bière
For the past week now, Lynn has been sending Tweets to Alexander Keith's Twitter feed asking them to change the name of their staple beer to simply "Alexander Keith's Pale Ale", as it is in no shape or form, an actual India Pale Ale - so much so, calling it a Pale Ale is a bit of a kick in the nads to even the name of Pale Ale.

I have compiled this list of Canadian India Pale Ales that I believe need to be savoured instead of Keith's.

1) Garrison Imperial IPA - Lets start off with the true Nova Scotian India Pale Ale. Once you try this beer, you will realize that the beer that Alexander Keith's claims as the Nova Scotian IPA is in fact, an impostor. Quickly, you know a substancial difference compared to Keith's. In an IPA like Garrison, it uses a large amount of hops, to the point that it's bitter yet has a decent amount of citrus that balances things out. A Keith's lacks hops to make it an IPA in any sense. $5.29 before tax for a 500mL bottle.

2) Muskoka Mad Tom - Every beer that Muskoka makes is simply.. delicious! This IPA has a fresh cut alfalfa aroma with a quite bitter hoppy taste. This isn't your father's India Pale Ale, but if you like a mouthful of hops.. you will surely enjoy this! $2.69 before tax for a 355mL bottle.

3) Flying Monkeys' Smashbomb Atomic - The name alone of this name is worthy of an award. IPA fans that aren't too fond of Muskoka's Mad Tom IPA for its bitterness generally prefer this beer. This beer is lighter on hops but makes up for it with a great amount of citrus zing and sweetness. This beer was briefly banned by the LCBO due to the graphics (an explosion taking place) as well as the name itself as it was believed this beer would be attractive to children. This beer was quickly unbanned by LCBO and is now available in much of Canada. Costs $2.89 before tax for a 355mL bottle.

4) Half Pints' Little Scrapper - My personal favourite as it is the local choice and available on tap at many pubs and restaurants throughout Winnipeg This IPA is moderately bitter, but has an incredible citrusy punch that makes it a fan favourite all year round. I would buy several 20oz pints of this at Lo Pub prior to its closing. Costs $12.32 before tax for a 6-pack of 341 bottles. If you are looking for something a bit stronger, their Humulus Ludicrous Double IPA is a great alternative, and available every August (and is now out for $8.60/650mL bottle)

5) Tree Hop Head - A bitterly hoplicious IPA with a hint of lemon citrus. I have been buying a significant amount of this beer in the past few months since it came out. More affordable than some of the previous suggestions at $2.20 for a 355mL bottle. Tree also has a DIPA available every late spring if you want something even more bitter.

Some honourable mentions: Red Racer IPA, Paddock Wood 606, Hops & Robbers, Picaroons Yipee IPA, Russell IP'Eh, Lighthouse Switchback, Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Cascade. I missed a great deal of India Pale Ales brewed in this great nation - so if I did miss yours, I just havent tried it yet!

Lastly, if you are interested in joining Lynn's cause to ask AB-InBev to change the name of Alexander Keith's staple beer, you can join the cause on the Facebook page Alexander Keith's is NOT an IPA.

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