Cranky Friday Links - August 24, 2012

This week, I will do something different and go beerless this week. Here are some links and websites that interest me.

Slurpees & Murder - One of my favourite takes on local politics, news and issues, with a nice sarcastic yet realistic take on it, just like how I would do, if I was still interested in politics!

Metro Winnipeg - Every time I'm in Winnipeg, I always end up reading this while having a drink at Second Cup, mainly looking to see if I have a tweet featured in the featured tweets section. Oddly enough, nearly every time I'm in town, I'm featured! Maybe I'm onto something?

UnBurger - one of my favourite burger joints. They have a mixture of awesome locally grown food, great customer service and great atmosphere (doesn't hurt they have Coke in glass bottles)! Their fries with curry salt and sweet chipotle dipping salt is to dieeeeeee for! If they had poutine, I'd go there all the time. - The political science geek that still exists in me loves this site, obtains opinion polling from from provincial and federal ridings across the country and gives an idea what we could expect when it comes to elections and by-elections, if they took place today.

Grant's Tomb - My overly-punny pal Grant at Brandon Sun does a great piece (every week or two) ranging from dining, why Brandon needs a poutine & brewpub to the history of Prince Edward Hotel. Always a great read.

Farmery Brewery - Okay, I lied, I'm including A beer link in this week's Cranky Friday Links, again. Today Luxalune's Farmery Brewery got an account on Twitter so follow them today!

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