New Beers Coming to Manitoba - August 9, 2012

With there being new beers coming to Manitoba every few weeks, I think it's time that the LC makes room for these beers, instead of cutting stock away from other beers! Take away stock from the crap wines (alcoholic 7 up wannabe champagnes).

Liefeman's Fruitesse (Duvel - Belgium) - A Strawberry/Raspberry fruit beer - 4 pack of 250mL bottles for $12.04

La Chouffe (Brasserie La Chouffe - Belgium) Strong Belgian Golden Ale - 355mL bottle for $3.77

Vivat Pur Malt (Blonde) (L'abbaye du Cateau - France) - 330mL bottle for $3.67

Rosita Blonde (Original) (Cerveses la Gardenia - Spain) - 500mL for $5.79

Waterloo IPA (Brick Brewing - Ontario) - After their popular Waterloo Dark & Ambers arriving in Manitoba, now their IPA has arrived in Manitoba - 473mL can for $3.01

Waterloo Sampler Pack (Brick Brewing - Ontario) - A six pack that includes two Waterloo Ambers, Darks and IPAs. 473mL cans and costs $17.99

Bud Light pack with speaker - This is just wtf, is this a disposable case with a built in speaker on the side? Costs $36.92 for 24 cans

False Creek Raspberry Ale (Granville Island - BC) - 6 341mL bottles cost $11.25

Samuel Adams Summer Ale (Boston Beer Co - Massachusetts USA) - 355mL bottle for $2.14.

Red Horse Strong Beer (San Miguel - Manila) 355mL bottle for $2.36


Ryan said...

The Bud Light with speaker isn't a case with a speaker built in; it comes with a free, USB chargeable speaker that says bud light. Surprisingly good quality sound for something so tiny (and free)!

Cody Lobreau said...

Ah, makes sense now, but 9-10 years ago the breweries had weird marketing ploys so I was assuming this would be return of weird marketing (IE the beer case that is also a cooler)