Abita Abbey Ale Dubbel

Abita Abbey Ale Dubbel by Cody La Bière
Abita Abbey Ale (Dubbel) is another beer I picked up while in North Dakota last month. I never heard of Abita Brewing out of Abita Springs, Louisiana. The Abbey Ale is the very first beer I've ever seen by them, and being a fan of dubbels, I had to purchase this!

The Abita Abbey Ale cost just under $7 US before tax, and has an ABV of 8%, about average compared to a Dubbel like Chimay Rouge. I absolutely love Belgian (style) beer, so I'm looking forward to trying this.

Appearance: Pours brown caramel with a very slight red hue, decent amount of sediment floating around, beige/cream head with a small amount of foam.

Aroma: Raisiny in aroma, with a bit of fruit, sweet caramel hint. This seems somewhat similar to what you would expect to a Belgian Dubbel, but quite minimal in aroma as it is compared to say.. a Chimay Rouge, pretty average I would say but quite welcoming nonetheless.

Taste: Like the aroma, it starts off with a raisin taste. It has a bit of a bitter/sourness to it, thanks to the raisins, a very subtle tartness. There's also a decent amount of caramel goodness coming from the malts, quite decent. There's a slight aftertaste that lingers around - a bit metallic and bitter.

Overall Thoughts: Well, if I didn't know if this was a Belgian Abbey Dubbel by reading the label, I would still know that it's a tribute to dubbels like Chimay Rouge. That being said, it's average - quite tasty but could have more eumph in aroma and taste, nice raisin throughout but it needs more. This cost $6.75 US for a 650mL bottle, which is quite pricey by American standards and honestly.. I don't know if I would spend this much again. I like the raisin, but yeah.. just expected more eumph. Yadda yadda.. not bad but for being a Belgian-style Abbey (Dubbel), I've had better, even coming out of North American, but would I drink this again? Yeah, if it was $2 cheaper I would likely buy this again.


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