Ten great beers available in Manitoba

Here in Manitoba, I hear complaints that the beer selection at the MLCC is bad, at best. I have to say, compared to 5 years ago, the selection is much better now than ever before. The Liquor mart in my neck of the woods in Brandon has tried to bring in lots of new beers just for the beer connoisseur, which I appreciate.

Here's 10 gems that are available at various Liquormarts here in Manitoba. Selection varies location by location, but these are available at least at the 10th St LC in Brandon and should be available at larger LCs in Winnipeg.

  1. Rogue Dead Guy Ale - A great ale by Rogue Ales. My friends used to rave about this beer all the time before this arrived in Manitoba. If you are looking for something a bit different, their Mocha Stout and Chipotle Ale are also available at the Liquormart. The Chipotle Ale is good for those who want to a SPICY beer! Costs between $7.50 and $8.33 depending on what you want.
  2. Fort Garry Kona Stout - Fort Garry's newest beer in their Brewmaster line of craft beers. It's a nice coffee beer with a bit of a spicy zing. I'm glad to see Fort Garry trying something different. Costs just under $6 for a 650mL bottle.
  3. Sweet Nikki Brown - This is no longer in season but if you are looking for a nice sweet dark ale, Sweet Nikki Brown is still available at several Liquormart locations. Costs $12 or so for 6 bottles.
  4. Black Boss Porter - Not every day I would suggest a Polish beer as I find Polish beers are all miss, never a hit. Black Boss Porter defies those odds. This Polish porter is affordable at $3.16 for a 500mL bottle. If you love porter, you won't be disappointed as this is quite a great value.
  5. Ă–lvisholt BrugghĂşs Skjálfti - Hey, I can't only suggest stouts and very heavy ales. People in Manitoba don't generally like the beers I suggested above, so here's one for the masses! Ă–lvisholt BrugghĂşs Skjálfti is a great lager from Iceland of all places. Honestly one of the best tasting lagers I've had in a long time. This lager has a great combination of quality ingredients and does NOT skimp on the hops! This brewery also makes Lava Stout, however that is no longer available in Manitoba at this time. Costs $4.50 for a 500mL bottle.. pricey but one of the best lagers I've had.
  6. Steinlager Pure - Okay, here's another lager, from the exact opposite geographical location as #5 - New Zealand. Usually I wouldn't include a lager in my list, let alone two, but Steinlager is pretty good. If you're the type of person who usually drinks Heineken or Corona just because, then you will like Steinlager. A nicer tasting lager than Heineken or Corona, and also a few cents cheaper than Heineken. Nowhere as near skunky as Heineken is, and more refreshing. Costs $1.96 for a 330mL bottle.
  7. Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Lupulus - Quebec beers are still a rarity in Manitoba, unless if you only want Unibroue. Charlevoix's Lupulus is one of the nice rarities available in Manitoba. It's a beer that's an interesting mix of an IPA and a champagne style beer like DeuS Brut des Flandres. This is something I suggest trying for a beer & cheese soirée or for celebrating events like New Years Eve, as a toast, or anything for special occasions. Costs $10.66 for a 750mL bottle, pricey but it was originally $15.
  8. Garrison Imperial IPA - I consider this THE true Nova Scotian India Pale Ale, unlike Keiths. This has a great combination of hops, citrus and drinkability. If you like a great IPA, this is a great treat! Costs $5 for a 500mL bottle.
  9. Cannery Maple Stout - I believe everyone should try this stout at least once in their life. Like me, you likely love pancakes, and the smell of breakfast. I consider this THE best breakfast beer available in Manitoba. The second you pop off the top, you get a big burst of maple in your nose. It's reminiscent of fresh crepes with maple syrup and butter drooling everywhere. I don't suggest drinking this unless if you have something to eat as this stout is so reminiscent of maple syrup and breakfast that it WILL make you hungry! Costs $6.14 for a 650mL portion
  10. Flying Monkeys' Netherworld - One recent trend in beer is Black Lagers and Black IPAs, much stronger in flavour than their non-black versions, these have a roasty deliciousness. Netherworld is a great example of a great Black IPA. Costs $2.66 per 355mL bottle.
I wish I could list another 10, but that will come another time, if others are interested!

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Kim Lawton said...

Wow, what an honour for Cannery Brewing's Maple Stout to be included in your 10 great beers list! Glad you enjoyed it so much!! And we are glad to hear that you are now getting some great craft beer options in your local liquor stores!