Get ready for #weekendofcody

Cheers! by Cody La Bière
So, it's my birthday this weekend. Every birthday ends up in disappointment. My best birthday to date was last year where my parents and I went for a drive into rural Saskatchewan, stopped at a local SaskLiquor store and picked up a 6 of beer.

I hate birthdays as they generally remind me what happened x years ago that week (lots of family members seem to die right around my birthday). I also get stood up by friends whenever I try to plan anything. Then again, they're not truly friends if they don't even show up.

So, this year I'm doing a twitter based birthday shindig this 27th to 29th. I'd love it if you took part in it.

What does my birthday shindig weekend consist of?
  • The use of #weekendofcody hashtag on Twitter
  • Drinking great microbrews from some great Canadian microbreweries such as Unibroue, Half Pints, Paddock Wood and the like.
  • Enjoy a steak or poutine. It's not a poutine if it has shredded cheese
  • Act Franglophone
  • Watch hockey. In case there's no hockey going on this weekend (very likely), listen to some good music. I suggest some We Are Wolves or Jim Bryson
  • Bitch and vent
  • Eat more poutine
  • Take pictures of grain elevators, cats or of said beer you're drinking
  • Enjoy the weather on the patio (weather permitting)

So keep fit/have fun, enjoy the weekend and my birthday. Cheers!

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