Review: Lost Coast 8-Ball Stout

Review: Lost Coast 8-Ball Stout by Cody La Bière
Lost Coast Brewery's beers have been available at Manitoba Liquor stores for a few years now, likely close to two years, however I never really gave them a shot.

My local LC has about 3-4 different beers from Lost Coast, including this beer, 8 Ball Stout. It's a bit shame that their beers generally don't sell well here in Manitoba as their other beers, such as Winterbraun have been sitting on the shelves for god-who-knows-how-long and may never get bought until the MLCC decides it's time to clear up that space and make room for Coors Light Iced T tall cans.

I love a good stout and always love to try a new one whenever possible.

Appearance: Pours a thick black, like most stouts, has a bit of a brown burnt caramel colour to the head. Slightly carbonated.

Aroma: Has a rich roasted coffee aroma, sweet roasted malt, quite standard for most coffee stouts.

Taste: Rich coffee flavour, roasted malts, sweet, slight amount of chocolate, a bit creamy to the tongue, oatmeal. If I was doing a blind taste test, I would swear that this could be St Ambroise's Oatmeal Stout. It's nice and rich and tastes like what a stout should taste.

Overall Thoughts: A solid stout. Reminiscent of an oatmeal stout, such as St Ambroise. Comes in a 650mL bottle and costs just over $5. 5.8% ABV although the website states that it is 6.2%. I recommend trying this if you like a good stout. It's a shame that Lost Coast's lineup never sold well in Manitoba as all the Lost Coast brands have been kind to me so far.

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