Cranky Friday Links - April 20

Here's some links for this week's Cranky Friday Links - Click to read more: 

Check out Manitoba's newest beer blog, True Brew Beer by Dan! (Link)

Not to sound hipster or anything, I was one of the first people to blog about beer, back in 2004. Here's a review I did back in 2005 of *gulp* ..Kokanee (Link)

I got an email from the folks at Steam Whistle yesterday notifying me that Steam Whistle is, in fact, now in Manitoba. here's a list of some of the Winnipeg Liquormarts where you can find it. It will be available in Brandon as well. (Link)

Did you know that for most of 1985, Newfoundland was without beer as the 3 largest breweries were all on strike? (Link)

Lastly, once in a while the idea of a One Hundred Mile Diet becomes popular. This diet means trying to source as much food and whatnot within your own community as possible. I like to consider it more like a 150-200 mile diet as some items are harder to source locally than others. One thing we should be doing locally is supporting our local breweries. There's no local brewery here in Brandon, MB for the meantime (until the Farmery opens), so that's why I propose a 150 mile diet - drink beer that comes within your own community. For us Manitobans, support Half Pints and Fort Garry. In Saskatchewan? Paddock Wood and Bushwakkers. Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, etc? You have more options than I can count! Support your local breweries as they provide jobs locally and keeps money within the community!

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